Dawn started her career in the travel industry at 18 when she was hired by Lunn Poly who was, at one time, the largest chain of travel agents in the UK. Several years later, she left the UK to go travelling and lived in Australia for two years, always working in sales and customer service roles either with Tourism Tasmania tourist board or local travel agencies. Upon returning to the UK over nine years ago, she started as a sales consultant with flexiski working up to sales manager in the last five years. She’s been in the role of Crystal Head of Sales & Service since spring 2017.

Travel and food are her passions so she’s always organising the next holiday with the focus on local delicacies and what she’ll love to eat there! She’s a snow plough hero and loves the mountains, but, according to her, she hasn’t embraced it fully yet. Now she’s looking forward to take her two-year old son skiing.