Crystal Ski Holidays carried out research this spring to ensure we continue to invest in the areas of service that skiers really need and love. One of the positive responses was for the Crystal Ski Explorer app which we launched last winter as a pocket tool to the mountains.

The Ski Explorer (iOS and Android) app includes recommended ski routes for all levels by our expert resort teams. Customers can independently rate the runs and track how far and fast you ski through the day. The ‘My Friends’ feature answers that eternal ski resort problem of finding your friends wherever they are on the mountain (or the bars…).

Last season more than 25% of Crystal customers used the Explorer app and more than 15% actively used the recommended ski routes to help find their way around the slopes. By contrast social skiing, which used to be popular many years ago, was used by only 4% of customers last season.

As a result Crystal will continue to invest in mobile tools for the winter season 2015-16. Social skiing will no longer be offered, and our expert in-resort teams, who live and breathe the mountains, will continue to help customers get the most out of their time on the slopes.

Our mobile tools will mean they are always on hand to offer tips on where to ski and resort information. For instance, we all know that the hardest choices to make in the morning are how much clothing to take and which slopes are going to have the best conditions. We will be discussing with our in-resort teams how they can best liaise with mountain patrol and ski schools to provide customers with the best morning briefing possible and provide them with valuable updates during the day through the app and even into the après-ski.


Crystal Overseas Service Research conducted across 2337 customers in March 2015. Question asked “which of the following statements about the Crystal Ski Holidays service do you find most and least appealing?”


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