It took eight months until they finally jumped. First it was scary, but then it was amazing, they all said.

 Why did they jump?

Haley Cutts (Malcesine) and Kerry Faulkner (Crystal Ski pod Milton Keynes) worked overseas during the winter season 2010-11 and due to their outstanding efforts raising money for DSUK, they were nominated by their general managers as the most outstanding fund raisers. As a thank you gesture, DSUK invited Haley and Kerry to participate in a sky dive with the Red Devils. And this finally happened on Tuesday this week.

After arrival at the airfield, first they were fed and watered as well as fully briefed, but then they had to wait for the clouds to clear. Finally, at around 1pm, they took off and at exit altitude, on the count of three, they went into freefall … and a moment they will never forget!

Two more SHG staff from Crawley attended the sky dive, Joanne Green (Customer Services Manager) and Shelley Tasker (Operations and Overseas Manager). Both raised money for DSUK individually.

Congratulations to all four girls who had a lot of bottle to jump from the plane at 13,000 feet which is 2 ½ miles up!

On the picture from left to right: Haley, Kerry, Jo and Shelly with the Red Devils Sky Dive team and other participants from DSUK.


– end –

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