The new, ‘What Type of Skier are You’ quiz can be found on Crystal’s Facebook page, and is made for anyone who is planning to ski this season.

Selecting the right resort for your ski holiday is often a challenging decision. So Crystal has developed a fun quiz to help.

With simple questions about what you enjoy most on a ski holiday, the quiz uses your answers to identify your skier type. There are 11 fun skier personality types, from Après Animal to Fairweather Fred. It then suggests the best resort for you and your party, based on your skier type.

The personalities include:
Fairweather Fred – You spend most of your time… taking selfies on the slopes
You’re one of the first on the slopes…provided it’s not actually snowing. Why bother freezing your bum off in a blizzard, when you could be enjoying your holiday in the bar? Or spa? Or while playing that sport with the brooms at which the Scots are pretty useful? Come the blue skies though, nothing’s going to stop you! Well, except a cheeky slope side beer or perfect Instagram opportunity.

Mile Muncher – You spend most of your time… racing to make the last lift
You’re capable of taking on most of the mountain, and this year you’re going to cover every last metre. Your gear’s showing signs of wear, but nothing that a bit of gaffer tape won’t fix. With your ‘On the slopes 2014’ playlist blasting through your headphones, you set off each morning for a new peak, only returning when the last lift is called. Unless that is, you miss it…

The quiz also provides five suggestions of which ski resort would be best suited for you, once completed The suggested resorts are carefully selected by Crystal’s expert staff, who have over three decades of finding the best places to ski and the most exciting mountains to spend time in.

Social Media plays an ever more important role in skiers’ shopping habits. 81% of consumers say that friends on social media directly influence their purchasing decision and 53% of consumers say they interact with a brand on social media.

Crystal is always looking for new and exciting ways to help our 62,000+ Facebook followers find and enjoy the best ski holidays for them.
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