Tandem Skydive with the Red Devils in aid of Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK)

Where:                    Salisbury and Nottingham

Dates:                     Salisbury: 5 and 6 June; 6, 7 and 8 August

                              Nottingham: 18 and 19 June; 2 and 3 July; 3, 4 and 5 Sept

Cost of Jump:           £299 (to be paid out of your sponsorship at no cost to you as long as you raise £500 or more)

Reservation fee:       £25 (asap to Disability Snowsport UK)

Minimum Sponsorship:£500 

Age:                      16yrs – 65yrs. 40+ require declaration of fitness signed 

Maximum Height:      6.2

Maximum Weight:     15 stone.

Please check details on Click & Jump


This experience costs £299 including a £100 non refundable reservation fee. You can either pay for your jump yourself and raise as much money as you can for Disability Snowsport UK or if you wish to use your sponsorship money to pay towards your jump you will need to pay a £25  registration fee to Disability Snowsport UK and then raise a minimum sponsorship target of £500 (incl. £25 reg fee). Please ensure your sponsors are aware if they are contributing to the cost of your jump.


Crystal Ski supports Disability Snowsport UK and have so far raised over £120,000 for the charity.




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