The first ever DSUK Solent Cup (Disability Snowsport UK) was held on Wednesday, 24 September 2014, with Teams Tonga, Nauru, Jamaica and Australia sailing in four races on Sunsail yachts in the Solent between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

Team Tonga: Fern Lintott, Kevin Nelson, Helen Penn, Liz Feehan, Stephanie May, Petra Jenkins, Laura Cole, John Murray, Neil Lodge

Team Nauru: Natalie Britton, Liz Holmes, Helen Gunner, Chris Greenslade, Annie Poulter, Seb Olsen, Lindsay Mathews, Nik Evans, Matt Gottschalk

Team Jamaica: Amy Fletcher, Chloe Ribbans, Kieran Conway, Natasha Pitt, Iona Buchanan, Kirsty Boswell, Ellie Eyles, Nick Clarke, Tom Ryves

Team Australia: Jennifer Cook, Kate Moore, David Jarvis, Fiona Dundon, Sergio Santos, James Robbins, Ina Stegemann, Lionel Savidan, Claire Warne, Maeghan Sheehan

So far, well over £6000 was raised by the teams – AMAZING!

Here some tweets …

Neil Lodge: Never been sailing before so had no idea what to expect – it was great fun. Thanks to DSUK for organising and our skipper and first mate for being so patient!

Fiona Dundon: I shared a wonderful day out on the waves with my team. It was great fun on the water, the fresh air and getting to know what sailing is all about. I can definitely recommend the experience to anyone.

Petra Jenkins: Thank you DSUK and Thank you Simon & Jon! I had fantastic day learning how to sail and had lots of fun 

David Jarvis: I was very honoured to be a part of such a fun day for a great cause, and despite only coming third in the racing I know Team Australia had a great time learning the difference between a jib and a mainsheet!

Liz Feehan: Great experience from start to finish! Can’t wait to do it all over again (although I don’t think my shins agree on that one) 

Stephanie May: Incredible day, loved learning to sail and competing in the races. Really well organised and looking forward to next year already.

Laura Cole: Brilliant experience for me especially as I have never set foot on a sailing boat before. Amazing day had by all. Thanks DSUK.

Helen Penn: What an amazing day! It was a really great experience learning how to Sail and competing in the races. Thank you DSUK, it was loads of fun!

Fern Lintott: Team Tonga’s DSUK Solent challenge complete!! We had a great day learning how to sail and managed not to get hit by the boom! Thanks for an awesome experience DSUK!

Team Jamaica – an amazing team effort. We all learnt loads about sailing and got to know each other even better. Highlights of the day:
 Iona blocked the toilet meaning that we had to use a bucket as toilet
 Natasha Pitt was the captain, steering the boat in our first race and coming 2nd
 Singing a medley of boat/sailing songs including ‘We are sailing’ and ‘Sail away’
 Leaning out of the side of the boat to make it go as fast as possible.
 And of course, winning the trophy!
We loved every moment of it. Even getting soaked in the rain!

Team Nauru had a fabulous day out on the Solent, despite the morning starting off with wind and rain, the sun came out in the end! Each person on the team had a go at every role, with the help from our amazing skippers Clive & Phil. Although we didn’t win, we demonstrated great teamwork and had a lot of fun sailing!

Amy Fletcher: The whole day ran really well, fantastic spirit from all the teams . Considering lots of people had never been on a yacht before it was brilliant to hear so many queries about how they could learn.

Chris Greenslade: Was a absolutely brilliant day full of thrills and team spirit. Who ever knew you could have so much fun on the water


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