We’re reducing carbon emissions across our operations.

Climate change affects our destinations, and therefore our bottom line, and we acknowledge that our greenhouse gas emissions contribute to global warming. We have a carbon management strategy in development to reduce this contribution, covering aviation, water transport, major premises, ground transport and flagship hotel properties.

In 2008/9, we started to report our energy consumption, paper for brochure production, company cars, staff travel to work, copy paper, recycling and business flights for Crystal employees to The Carbon Neutral Company and Crystal’s direct carbon footprint was established by a third party as 1375 tonnes in that year. In the period April 2009 to March 10 when we measured our carbon footprint again, we reduced the CO2 emissions to 1001 tonnes. In April 2011 we decided to get certified for a longer period than just a year and we agreed to report for several years running until October 2017. Each year we could reduce the emissions, another step in the right direction. Crystal is proud to be a CarbonNeutral® office.

Carbon emissions from aviation

The main airline we use is Thomson Airways. Thomson’s aim is to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet of aircraft by replacing older aircraft with new, more fuel-efficient models and by pursuing a fuel conservation programme to ensure that its fleet is as fuel efficient as possible. In 2010/11, the fleet’s average emissioCarbon Neutralns were 76g of CO2 per revenue passenger kilometre (CO2/RPK), which compares very favourably with both global scheduled airlines and low-cost airlines.

In June 2016, TUI Group, Thomson Airways’ and Crystal’s parent company, completed its annual submission to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) – the independent organisation that gathers climate change information from companies throughout the world. Our submission contained detailed information about our carbon impact, risk and opportunity, and our approach to carbon management.

Carbon offset projects

Since 2003 Crystal has been in partnership with the Carbon Neutral Company. As part of our commitment to be carbon neutral, we have worked with them to support numerous carbon-offset projects over the years. The carbon emissions reduced by these projects offset emissions from our own activities.

Beijin Hydro Power Project, China

Methane Capture Project, USA

Wind Power Project, Turkey

Energy Efficiency Projects, Jamaica

Wind Power Generation Project, India

Waste Heat Recovery Project, India

Waste Gas Power Project, Germany

Giuzhou Hydro Power Project, China

Methane Capture Project, China

Wind Farm Project, India