The Disability Snowsport (DSUK) Skiathon returned for its fourth year at ski centres across the UK last week and 47 skiers and boarders of all ages and abilities from Crystal Ski, Hayes & Jarvis, Citalia as well as Austravel, Flexiflights and other SHG brands completed the challenge raising nearly £8400 on that day. Congratulations!

This year’s theme was The Olympic and Paralympics’ Challenge and teams were invited to take on the challenge of skiing 2012 (yes, two-thousand-and-twelve) runs in 6 hours. However, the twist was, the more money the teams raised before the end of May 2012 the fewer number of runs they have to complete on the day. One of the teams only had to do 317 runs … Did someone say it’s a challenge? J

The SHG Olympic ski teams were: Great Britain, Hawaii, Mexico, USA, Australia, Japan and Monaco Wacky Races. Employees from all sectors of the business including web operations, travel designers, directors, accountants, IT specialists, sales consultants and operations managers took part.

Comment from Team Hawaii: “We had an amazing time at the Hemel Skiathon on Tuesday and would like to thank everyone who sponsored us or  contributed by eating our baking and cooking…willingly or not! We are proud to have contributed £1632.36 to the total raised and look forward to raising even more next year!

These are the teams and their money raised as per today (in no particular order!):

Team Great Britain – £637.50

Suzanne Harvey, James White, Scott Langridge, John Hooker, Niel Alobaidi, Mike Ward, Robert Emerre

Team Hawaii – £1632.36

Mick Long, Adele Long, Binal Patel, Leticia Gallego, David Hill, Oliver Goodarzi, Petra Jenkins, Sharon Finch, Peter McCarthy

Team Mexico – £776.50

Shelley Tasker, Maddi Thake, Lindsay Capelin, Julia Cooper, George Kent, Ian Watkins

Team USA – £3080

Emma Taylor, Ian Davis, Sue Vincent, Shona Swain, Blake Lancaster, Matthew Clift

Team Australia – £466.00

Leanne Morley, Ian Baynton, Sagar Patel, Suzanne Galliven, Egle Starkute, Tony Ray

Team Monaco Wacky races – £1005.44

John Byron, Daniel Bravery, Steve Knevett, Vickie Mills, David Miles, Fiona Boyd, David Chandler

Team Japan – £1081.75

Kirsteen Short, Rachael Mulhern, Meike Fleck, Stuart Bowker, Danny Todman, Alexander Sparasci, Al Stevens

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