During the launch of #Ski2Paralympics initiative event in central London, Crystal Ski Holidays presented a cheque for £77,000 to the charity Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK), money raised by customers and employees during the last year. This is more than ever raised before and in total, Crystal raised nearly £400,000 in the last eight years since the partnership began.

As a small national charity with a huge remit, funding like this is crucial in allowing DSUK to pursue their mission of giving skiers and snowboarders with a disability the opportunity to be able to ski alongside the non-disabled as equals at all ski facilities and resorts.

Fiona Young, CEO DSUK said: “This donation will allow members to continue to experience lessons with specialist instructors and equipment in all UK indoor snow centres, therefore providing access to skiing for disabled people who might not normally be able to participate. It also means that we can continue to work closely with Crystal to provide holidays of a lifetime as part of our activity weeks programme throughout the winter.”

Chris Logan, Managing Director Crystal Ski Holidays said: “I know, the money donated will make a huge difference to all those who have a disability and take up skiing or snowboarding to rebuild their confidence and have a bit of fun”.


How did Crystal’s overseas and UK employees raise this money?

* Christmas, end-of-season and summer party donations from employees;

* Crystal customers donated generously;

* Organised events throughout the year overseas to support the charity including fancy dress skiing and lift pass deposit donations, clothes and activities auctions, pub quizzes, an office swear jar, end of season barbecue and prize giveaways.

Note on Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK)

Disability Snowsport is the UK’s leading charity providing access to adaptive skiing and snowboarding for people with disabilities. Their work changes lives with therapeutic, physiotherapy and social benefits, allowing individuals who take part to develop new skills which they can transfer to their everyday life.


To take part in a sport such as skiing or snowboarding there are numerous barriers to overcome, including access to slopes, access to specialist equipment and one to one instruction. The charity aims to give people with disabilities access to snow sports at a cost equivalent to that which an able-bodied person would pay.