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Transport yourself back in time with Crystal Ski Holidays’ brand new app: – That’s So Last Season. If you are a fashion savvy skier or boarder, check out how you would look in retro style ski wear. And, if you’ve been inspired to go down the retro route, enter the competition where you could win a ski suit from RetroMountain.


In That’s So Last Season, retro ski wear lovers get to play at being time hop stylists. There are 124 pieces of clothes in total, spanning four decades from the 60s to the 90s. Players import their own ski picture, then select clothing from different decades, add some accessories and text, select one of four decades filters to create a vintage postcard style image to upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


So what are the decades to choose?



Fairisle jumpers were popular in the 60s with winter patterns, for men, women and children (accessorised with a matching bobble hat), high waisted and voluminous silhouettes were also fashionable for women at this time. In the mid-late 60s, colours began to get bolder and co-ordinated outfits were in style and at the end of the decade, the bold, geometric stripes and patterns of the 70s began to emerge along with roll-neck sweaters.



Ski jackets often featured geometric stripe or chevron patterns, particularly on the chest and shoulders. Fitted stretch pants began to rise in popularity as they were more practical than the thin trousers of the 60s. Fur accessories, such as boots, were fashionable for women. In the late 70s, trousers were cut with a flare and this trend extended to the ski slopes. Two piece co-ordinated outfits were popular, with matching trousers and jackets. Goggles start to look more modern, with large, rectangular designs.



Power-dressing in the 80s saw women adopting a traditionally more masculine style of dress. The all-in-one ski suit (or ‘onesie’) becomes fashionable, as well as offering more warmth and insulation. Silhouettes included padded, soft fabrics and structured shoulder pads. Accessories like fingerless gloves become fashionable and colours remained mostly muted and pastel tones. Geometric patterns became more complex, mixing colour blocks and patterns. Towards the end of the 80s, these patterns and colours gradually become more bright and garish, giving a hint towards the neon ‘rave’ styles to come at the next decade.



Colours and patterns become bright, garish and neon for both men and women. Silhouettes remained similar, with the ‘onesie’ staying popular as well as leggings and ski jackets being in style. Colour blocking and colour clashing were fashionable for both men and women.



What decade will you go for?


Competition: chance to win a retro ‘onesie’ ski suit from RetroMountain worth £300 – good luck!



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