We are absolutely committed to meeting our responsibilities to society and to the environment. For us, that means making ecological, economic and social changes and improvements to our business wherever we operate.

Sustainable tourism is not just an idea to us, it’s fundamental. In a nutshell, this means protecting resources everywhere we take our customers – after all, they’re resources we’re depending on for the future of our business.

So we work hard to provide high quality holidays that cause minimal environmental impact, that respect the culture and people of the destinations we take people to, and that offer real economic benefit to local communities.

As an organisation we have partnered with CarbonNeutral since 2003 and alongside Thomson Airways – our main airline partner – Crystal has supported the Carbon Disclosure Project, submitting our latest report in 2016. Find out more about how we manage our carbon footprint.

Elsewhere, Crystal works with Disability Snowsport UK to give skiers and snowboarders with disabilities the same opportunities to take part in snow sports as their able-bodied counterparts by providing specialist equipment, training and support. Find out more about our work with DSUK.