Crystal is proud to work with Disability Snowsport UK to provide disabled people with access to skiing and boarding holidays.

Nearly 40 years ago, consultant paediatrician and keen skier David Morris became convinced that skiing could help young people with cerebral palsy to improve their balance, coordination and self-awareness.

His ideas met with resistance for years but eventually the Spastic Society (now called Scope) agreed to a pilot scheme involving six young children.

The scheme was a great success and it soon became clear that it wasn’t just young kids with cerebral palsy who could benefit. Over time the age range and then the range of disabilities addressed was expanded and a charity called The Uphill Ski Club was established.

As the charity grew it offered its services to more and more people until it reached the point where anyone with any kind of disability – physical, sensory or learning – was invited to join in.

Soon the charity was giving disabled people all over the UK the chance to try skiing on dry slopes, as well as offering residential activity weeks across Europe and North America, and training professional ski instructors and volunteers in adaptive ski techniques.

In 2005, The Uphill Ski Club merged with two other charities doing similar work – The National Handicapped Skiers Association and Scotland’s Alternative Skiers – to form Disability Snowsport UK.

Crystal and DSUK have worked together since 2009, with the express aim of using Crystal’s influence as number 1 ski operator in the UK to increase awareness, improve accessibility and provide in-resort assistance for disabled skiers.