Better Holidays, Better World.

The ambitious 2020 sustainability strategy ‘Better Holidays, Better World’ is built around three core pillars to help shape the future of sustainable tourism:

  • step lightly: in the long term, combating climate change will be critical for our industry as a whole. We need to continue to sell quality holiday experiences, which rely on beautiful biodiverse destinations, thriving communities, stable weather systems and personal comfort. All of these are threatened by climate change. Our carbon management programme covers aviation, hotels, offices and ground transport emissions. These areas of our business each have clear and stretching targets for improvement.
  • make a difference: beautiful biodiverse and unique destinations are the heart of our holidays, and we are proud of the role our industry plays in protecting and preserving them. Tourism can be a real force for good, from generating the transfer of wealth to promoting cultural understanding and tolerance.But we know that travel and tourism can also have unintended negative consequences. Water, for example, is likely to become increasingly scarce in the coming decades and waste management is a challenge in many destinations. We rely on thriving communities to welcome our customers in destinations. That means it’s important that the benefits of tourism reach the local community, in the form of jobs and educational opportunities and human rights are protected along our value chain.
  • lead the way:  we believe that means we have a unique responsibility towards our industry. Our scale gives us the resources, reach and credibility to build the resilience and positive impacts of travel and tourism. Our role in driving sustainable tourism is to support our suppliers and customers and influence our whole industry towards a more sustainable way of operating.To achieve this, we need cutting-edge research that allows us to understand our impacts – both positive and negative – and the most impactful actions we can take to enhance the benefits of tourism like technical innovations in aviation and ground operations. We are also encouraging the branche to use our pilot projects results in their research. We see the necessary investments as our contribution to the future form of tourism and for a better world.