We’re involving and empowering our colleagues to take action on sustainability.

There are many ways that we promote sustainable tourism, both in our offices and in our holiday destinations.

Since 2003 we’ve worked with leading climate change specialists The CarbonNeutral Company to reduce our impact on the environment.

We have also worked with the team at The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management to calculate greenhouse gas emissions from our head office in Surbiton, which are offset by our own contributions.

Every year since 2005 we have been certified as CarbonNeutral® – we’re the first major tour operator to achieve this.

Carbon offsetting allows us to reach net zero emissions faster than we could purely through internal changes to our business – but we’re making great strides in that direction too.

Annually, we are receiving our Green House Gas (GHG) assessment report and our overall emissions for this year’s assessment are: 398tonnes CO2 (equivalent electricity use of 55 homes for one year).

In all our offices in the UK and abroad:

  • we’ve saved 500,000 pieces of paper a year by introducing e-invoices
  • we’ve introduced paper and plastic recycling schemes
  • all PCs are set up to enable power saving
  • equipment that isn’t being used is unplugged or switched off
  • all printed material, wherever possible, is double sided
  • thermostats adjust the time that heating is on depending on the temperature
  • cleaners switch off any lights or PC screens that they find left on.

In all our own hotels abroad:

  • we have trained staff on environmental awareness
  • hotel managers are incentivised to reduce utilities bills
  • we change towels only once during a guest’s stay
  • we use low energy light bulbs
  • we have installed double glazing
  • we have installed ‘bricks’ in toilet cisterns to reduce the volume of water flushed.

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