Through our partnership with The CarbonNeutral Company, we became the first mainstream tour operator to suggest to our customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the CarbonNeutral® flights programme.

Or why not see if it’s possible to reach your ski resort by train? You can slash the carbon footprint of your holiday by up to 90% if you do. Taking the train rather than flying saves an enormous amount of energy – one journey to an Alpine resort saves the equivalent of leaving your TV on standby 24 hours a day for 22 years!

Checking in on the snow train is a piece of cake, plus there’s more space than on a plane, you can bring your own food and drink, and baggage allowance is designed for skiers and snowboarders. You can even kiss long transfers goodbye, since the train takes you to the bottom of the mountain.

If you travel by day, it’ll take about the same time, door-to-door, as flying. Take the overnight train and it’ll be longer but you’ll get two extra days of skiing – as you’ll arrive early Saturday morning and leave late the following Saturday evening. You get accommodation and meals as per your holiday booking. Find out which resorts can be reached here.

Find out more on the Snow Carbon website.

Millions of people visit new places each year, where the culture, wildlife and environment can be very different from the way things are at home. With a little preparation, thought and consideration you can limit the impact your trip has on your destination. You could even help the destination to benefit from your visit.

  • Water is a precious resource; save it! You can choose not to have your towel laundered every day, and having showers instead of baths saves water too.
  • Save energy by switching off lights, fans, TV and air-conditioning when you leave your room.
  • Show respect for the people and culture of the country you’re visiting.
  • Look out for trips and activities that support the local communities and environment.
  • Local crafts support the local economy – but steer clear of anything containing ivory, sea turtles, coral, flowers or reptile skin products.
  • Use recycling bins.
  • Protect local wildlife and flora – please don’t cause damage to any living organism.
  • Recycle your holiday brochures when you’ve finished with them or pass them on to a friend –

The Ski Club of Great Britain has issued seven steps they encourage all skiers to follow, which we wholeheartedly support:

  • Be aware of your environmental impact as skiers and boarders
  • Do not leave litter on the slopes
  • Respect the natural habitat of mountain animals and plants
  • Choose an environmentally friendly resort
  • Encourage tour operators to adopt green policies
  • Reduce global warming on holiday and at home
  • Reduce CO2 emissions